What is a courageous advocate?

A courageous advocate is someone who champions a cause which is special and meaningful to them.

At St Saviour’s C of E Academy, we have a strong emphasis on encouraging our pupils to become courageous advocates, not just locally, but nationally and globally.

At some point in life we will all face challenges and need support to help us overcome these barriers. We teach our children that is important to help others regardless of where they come from or what their challenges are. We teach this in many ways; through our work on values, by links to the Bible, other faiths and world views as well as learning about other courageous advocates. We want our children to have confidence to discuss and debate big ideas, to challenge injustice and engage in activities that can bring about change on some level.

Agents of Change

At St Saviour’s C of E Academy, we encourage our children to become Agents of Change. We achieve this by encouraging our children to make a positive change in the world. Agents of Change are people who want to:

· make the world a better place for everyone

· help others to see where there is injustice and help to bring solutions

· make a positive impact on their local community

In the Bible we see Jesus as the original Agent of Change, reaching out to people who needed the most help.

Courageous Advocacy