At St Saviour’s Academy we believe that every child is an artist. We aim to engage, inspire and challenge pupils to create their own works of art, craft and design, applying the skills and knowledge that they develop over time. Progression in art is clearly mapped to ensure that pupils build on prior learning in the main areas of art (e.g. colour, drawing, textiles, colour, creating ideas, printing, sculpture) and leave at the end of Key Stage Two as proficient artists.

Lessons are planned around an overall theme and are taught in conjunction with other subject areas, giving the children a wider understanding of the historical and social context of their art studies. Sketch books are used to develop ideas, record observations and to support the pupils to investigate evaluate and analyse creative works, including those of great artists, craft makers and designers from history. Our planning of Art lessons follows a four-stage cycle: developing an understanding and appreciation of the art and artists studied; exploring ideas and skills; producing a final piece; and evaluating. Teacher knowledge impacts positively ensuring children know how art and design both reflect and shape history, and contribute to the culture, creativity and wealth of nations.


Children experience Art through

· Learning about a focus artist/designer

· Experimentation

· Sculpture, textiles, painting, drawing, printing

· Class discussion

· After School Club

· Online research/learning

· Links with the High School

· Cross curricular links


Art is assessed by

· Sketch books

· Pupil interviews

· Age related expectations

· Children’s work in books