As a result of collaborative thinking our school now has six values which we believe will help us define who we are as members of a Christian school. Our chosen values are: -

  • Respect
  • Aspiration
  • Forgiveness
  • Perseverance
  • Friendship
  • Honesty

We hope that you will support us in working towards these values at school and also embrace these values at home and make them a core part of your family life.


Our aim is to make St Saviour’s a fun and exciting school

What this means:

  • Our lessons will be interesting and enjoyable. 
  • We are a creative school We support our learning through other activities which include after school clubs, visits and visitors.

Our aim is to make St. Saviour’s a caring school where we feel safe

What this means:

  • We help and care for each other as part of God’s family.
  • We will not accept bullying and everyone should feel valued.
  • We will listen to each other and everyone will have someone they can talk to. 
  • We will be helped to make right choices in life and stay safe.

Our aim is to do well at everything we do and make a success of our lives

What this means:

  • We will always be challenged to do our best. 
  • We will help everybody to succeed.
  • We will make a difference to our world.

Our aim is to be a healthy and active school

What this means:

  • We will have lots of opportunities to take part in sport. 
  • We will know how to be a good fair sportsman or woman.
  • We will know and learn how to stay healthy.

Our aim as a Church school is to learn more about faith

What this means:

  • We will learn that faith is important for many people.
  • We will be helped to grow in our faith.
  • We will treat all people as special in God’s eyes.

Our aim is to have good relationships with our community

What this means:

  • We will work in partnership with parents. 
  • We will support and involve our community and the wider world.