If your child is absent from school, please call as soon as possible but before 09.30am.  If we do not hear and we are unable to contact you, we may send an Educational Welfare Officer (EWO) to visit to ensure the safeguarding of your child.  We ask that children attend regularly unless absence is unavoidable.  Where medical appointments fall within the school day, please bring in your letter/card to the office.

  • The school's policy regarding attendance can be found on the 'Attendance Policy' tile under Our Academy.
  • If you need to take your child out of school during term time, for example on holiday, religious observance or to participate in a sporting event, a request form can be downloaded on Parents/Forms/Term Time Leave (paper copies available in the school office).  We recommend this is completed and brought into school before any period of absence is taken.

Our aim is that every child attends school regularly to give them the very best chance of success.  Individual pupils will be recognised for their achievement if they achieve 100% attendance.  


Please try to arrive at school on time.  The Nursery doors open at 8.45am, everyone else lines up on their playground ready to come in at 8.50am.  Our Educational Welfare Officer (EWO) will regularly hold 'late gates' and will offer advice or support to ensure children are punctual, working in partnership with the school.